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Corn Shell Cheese Empanada - Colombian Style

Corn Shell Cheese Empanada - Colombian Style

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Pack of 12 units

3 oz (85 g)

Origin of Recipe: Colombia

Naturally Gluten-Free, High in Calcium, Vegetarian

Unveil the true essence of Colombian comfort food with our mouthwatering Abuelita's Inspired Cheese Empanadas. These delightful treats are a tribute to the cherished recipes passed down through generations, capturing the warmth and love of a grandmother's kitchen.

Why Choose Our Empanadas:

  • Generations of Tradition: We honor the legacy of Abuelitas by faithfully recreating their beloved recipes, ensuring an authentic Colombian culinary experience.
  • Premium Ingredients: We source the finest cheeses and ingredients, paying homage to the quality that defines Colombian cuisine.
  • Handmade Perfection: Crafted by skilled hands, each empanada is a labor of love, prepared just like Abuelitas would in their own kitchens.
  • Familiar Comfort: Our empanadas evoke a sense of nostalgia, capturing the comfort and warmth of family gatherings around delicious food.
  • Ready to Enjoy: From freezer to table, these empanadas are convenient and easy to prepare, allowing you to savor the flavors of Colombia whenever you crave them.

Experience the enchanting flavors of Colombia with every bite of our Abuelita's Inspired Cheese Empanadas. Let these golden parcels of cheesy goodness transport you to the heart of a Colombian kitchen, where tradition and love come together to create unforgettable culinary memories. Order now and savor the magic of Abuelita's kitchen in your own home.

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